You definetely 

get rid of humidity

We professionally  

DRY your wall

25 year warranty

BKM.MANNESMANN AG is a manufacturer of innovative products against moisture and moisture in mineral masonry with professional sealing systems for retrofitting buildings to existing properties giving a 25 yea warranty on the effect of their unique products BKM-HZ250-PRO and BKM-HPF-PRO.

DRY-EXPERT is your certified distribution in Coín (Málaga) for BKM.Mannesmann in Andalusia.We will renovate your damp walls in the basement or living area without excavation.

Moisture in the walls creates mould, efflorescence and flaking due to salts; the building fabric is attacked. If the problem has existed for a long time and remains untreated, the quality of living is reduced. As a result, the value of the property is permanently reduced.

Whether you are a homeowner, architect or property manager, DRY-EXPERT is your quick and reliable contact on site. As experts in building drainage and renovation, we remove moisture and mould, take care of building waterproofing, interior insulation and concrete renovation so that you not only feel comfortable in your own four walls, but also in your skin! Our experts create a free damage analysis and a detailed offer in advance.

Contact us at 951 12 24 72WhatsApp +49 163 7313170 or email at right now!

- stopping rising and penetrating moisture (horizontal barrier)

- vertical barrier

- floor-wall connection

- crack grouting

- impregnating your facade 

- waterproof plastering

- masonry consolidation
- terrace and balcony coatings 

- ventilation systems
- lowering the condensation moisture

- mould removal

After sending your damage pictures to our email or WhatsApp to +49 163 7313170 we have a call for a first impression. In most cases we will come along for a visit followed by our estimation and a free quote. We sort out humidity issues caused by rising and filtrating damp and treat condensation issues and mould as well.


Last projects

Stopping rising and penetrating moisture, impregnating facades, mold removal, lowering the condensation moisture

Need to do calculations ?

Send an email and pictures of your damage to or 

WhatsApp to +49 163 7313170

Get free quote


What clients say

Contact us

Calle Quejigo 162
29100 Coín (Málaga)
press here
+34 951 12 24 72
Roger Schröder

Roger Schröder

Head of Project Management
Alex Klewer de Castro

Alex Klewer de Castro

Project Sales Manager Algeciras (Cádiz)
Kirsten Stewing

Kirsten Stewing

Project Sales Manager Marbella (Málaga)
Filip Koziel

Filip Koziel

Project Sales Manager Vélez-Malaga (Málaga)
Verena Nilgen

Verena Nilgen

Project Sales Manager Fuengirola (Málaga)
Miguel Angel Cardona

Miguel Angel Cardona

Project Sales Manager Málaga
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